PCB Stencil SMT Assembly Stainless Steel Laser Cut Aluminium Framed for PCB Board Soldering Cut by CNC Laser with High Accuracy2 in Single Sided PCB from Electronic Components Supplies

PCB Stencil SMT Assembly Stainless Steel Laser Cut Aluminium Framed for PCB Board Soldering Cut by CNC Laser with High Accuracy2 in Single Sided PCB from Electronic Components Supplies

Product Specification

Size 1: 30x40/37x47 CM

Size 2: 40x60/40x80/40x100/40x120/40x140 CM

Size 3: 42x52/45x55 CM

Size 4: 50x80/50x120/50x140/55x65/58.4x58.4 CM

Size 5: 73.6x73.6 CM

Frame: Any size if without frame

Product Description ID:2749


Professional High Quality PCB Manufacturer


1. How to Get a Quotation?

Dear, please send your PCB gerber files or files like “.pcb”, ”.pcbdoc”, ".lay", ".lay6", ".cam" to xcharles86(at)gmail.com with your Order Quantity and Shipping Country.Thank you!


2. Available PCB Materials

FR4, CEM-1, Aluminum/MCPCB 


3. Available Board Thickness

0.4MM, 0.6MM, 0.8MM, 1.0MM, 1.2MM, 1.6MM, 2.0MM, 2.4MM, 3.0MM


4. Available Copper Thickness

1OZ, 2OZ, 3OZ


5. Surface Finished

HASL, HASL Lead Free, Immersion Gold (ENIG), OSP


6. Solder Mask Color

Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Black, White


7. Silkscreen Legend Color

White, Black


8. Min. Line Width/Spacing 

3.5MIL (6MIL above means the lowest cost)


9. Min. Via/Hole Size 

0.2MM (0.3MM above means the lowest cost) 


10.The Standard PCB is Ordered as Below

FR4 1.6mm, ROHS, 1/1oz, HASL, Green Solder Mask, White Silkscreen Legend  


11. Prototype Lead Time

2 Layers PCB: 3-4Day

4 Layers PCB: 4-5Day

6 Layers PCB: 5-6Day

For 8-16 layers PCB or mass production or other details, we will tell you in quotation.


12. Delivery Terms

If in urgent, you could choose express normal 3-5day quick delivery.

(DHL, Fedex, UPS, EMS, and Aramex etc.)

If not urgent, you could choose post normal 7-20day economic delivery.


About us

We specialize in Rigid and Flexible PCB Prototyping, PCB manufacturing and PCB assembling/SMT, who was founded in 2003, has more than 12 years of production experience. It also offers Soldering Stencils, General PCBs and Components(IC) for customer's convenience.


Choose us

1. Low Price

We provide competitive price and 100% free electronic test!

2. High Quality

Top raw material suppliers and advanced production lines make PCB with RoHS, GB and UL standards!

3. Quick Lead

Up to 12hour quick lead time for urgent orders!


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